Portsmouth Kendo News & Notices 

Beginners Classes

We have a Beginner's course commencing on Saturday 20th January 2024
See Starting Kendo for details and get in contact to express your interest.

2024 Practice

Happy New Year!
First practice will be Wednesday 3rd Jan followed by Saturday 5th.
See Practices for details & map.
Wednesday sessions run from 20:15 (8:15pm) to 21:45 (09:45pm)
Saturday session from 12:30 to 15:00 (3pm).

Visit from Tashiro Sensei 2023

On 25th March we were honoured to welcome Tashiro Sensei back to Portsmouth. We were joined by Kendo friends from Southern Dojos, particularly Southampton, Reading & Sanshukan (Camberley) and were treated to some supurb insights from Sensei.
Many thanks to Chieko-san for arranging the visit and her translations.

Shiney New Yondan

Massive congratulations to Roger for passing his Yondan grading at the Guildford Summer Seminar.

This is hugely deserved after many years of dedication and hard practice.

Saturday Practice has Resumed

The Saturday practice at Southsea is now back up and running with some precautions.
Between 12:30 and 13:45 we are maintaing a socially distanced practice. From 13:45 a more normal practice in bogu (armour) continues for those who are happy to do so.
We ask all attendees to take a Lateral Flow test the morning of each practice and not to attend if positive or showing any symptoms of Covid-19.

We have not yet restarted our Wednesday sessions in Petersfield but will do so when demand increases.

The BKA Kendo Bu has published this guidance with respect to Coronavirus.

Beginners Class Commencing 25th September 2021

We are pleased to be able to proceed with a beginner class which will commence on Saturday 25th September.
We still have a couple of places available.
See Starting Kendo for details.

Tashiro Sensei Visit 2020

On 11th March we were fortunate to host Tashiro Sensei (8th Dan Kyoshi) for our Wednesday Keiko and we welcomed back Max Davies also visiting from Japan. Sensei left us with many points to think about:

  • Kakagoe - Full spirit, demonstrated before the first strike, with correct distance (before the shinai can touch) to build spirit and make your opponent feel/understand your spirit.
  • You have to work to take the opponent's shinai off centre. Not just have straight kamae then hit like clockwork. Adapt to the chances that become available and don't let your opponent recover - keep up the pressure throught the shiai/keiko.
  • Know and learn the chances when you can attack (he went into 3 but there are many). When they are attacking you, when they are stepping back and when they are breathing.
  • Because of this it is important to control your breathing so that you only breath when at a far distance. Controlling your breath while fighting will translate into sharp cutting.
  • Take care with Chakuso. Men himo the correct and equal lengths; correctly tied so there is no gap at the sides.

And much, much more. Arigato gosaimashita, to Sensei for the instruction and to Max for the translation.


Our very special friend Taichi Kidani visited us for Keiko on Wednesday 19th Feb while on a visit from Japan. A great night of keiko.


Just a reminder that all members, who have completed the beginners course are welcome to attend our wednesday night sessions in The Petersfield School. (19:30 - 21:00). Details here

International Duty

Congratulations to Kenny Fry who has been selected for the GB Junior Team at the forthcoming European Championships in Macedonia at the end of March.

Portsmouth Juniors shine at Kodokan Charity Taikai

The Kodokan charity Taikai was held on 5th April. Congratulations to both Kenny & Harry who both won their respective age group competitions and were also placed 3rd in the team event.
Portsmouth dojo were awarded a Fighting Spirit award in the family competition.
Well done all.

Tashiro Sensei Seminar

Portsmouth were happy to welcome Tashiro Sensei (8th Dan Kyoshi) over the weekend on 28th February & 1st March. Sensei was supported by John O'Sullivan Sensei (7th Dan Renshi) and Yasayuki Hiyama Sensei (7th dan) which ensured a suburb event. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were well attended by Portsmouth Dojo members and friends from neighbouring dojos and we were all given a very thorough work out and a lot to think about for future practices. On the Sunday Morning sensei held a special Junior seminar at which we were pleased to welcome other junior members from across the UK.

Mumeishi 3's Competition Report

Portsmouth Kendo Club were well represented at the 42'nd Annual Mumeishi 3's Competition entering 2 teams, 3 Ladies individuals and 3 junior competitors.

In the Junior events John & Harry displayed tremendous spirit but were unfortunately beaten, (Harry scoring a great Ippon on an opponent much taller than him). Kenny was silver medal winner in his age category and put in 4 great performances. All 3 juniors were superb in their attacking spirit and put in performances to be proud of.

In the ladies section, Linda narrowly lost by Hantai but Yuka & Risa both fought their way to the final in opposite halves of the draw against a number of GB Squad & International Kendoka. The final was a fantastic showdown between the 2 sisters with Risa emerging the winner in Encho.
Congratulations to both for superb performances throughout.

In the team event Portsmouth B (Roger, David, Malcolm) lost to Oxford City Dojo but the 'A-team' (Tommy, Mark, Yuka) beat Akai-Ryuu & Nagamistu before narrowly losing to Tora after a spirited representative match from Tommy. This performance was recognised by the judging committee and Portsmouth - A were awarded the team Fighting Spirit Award.

It was a great day's kendo and all competitors should be justly proud of their performance & achievements.

Pictures & videos here.

Junior Taikai

Portsmouth Kendo Club was well represented at the Kodokan Junior Taikai on 4th October

We had four juniors present (Harry, Kenny, Zoe and John) out of about 30 kids altogether. These were split into 5 teams and all teams fought each other.

Kenny and John were on one team, and won the competition, Kenny won all 4 Shiai which included the four other captains.  John won three one to a Hansoku point, but the other two were ippons.

Harry and Zoe were also on the same team, Harry won most of his fights, but lost to an older kid he was fighting to make up numbers.  Zoe in her first shiai (and less than 10 times in armour doing keiko) held her own and was 'almost enjoying' herself.

Roger got more referee training and refereed two team matches as well as helping the unarmoured section in the morning (lots of games)......... ; Kenny also had to do some refereeing and the others had some practice with scoreboard, timekeeping and recording.

Roger also had the great privilege of being motodachi for a very young japanese kendoka (about 4?) during jigeiko, who waited in line to do some men cuts with him.


Taichi Kidani is returning to Japan at the end of this month (May) after 4 years in Portsmouth. He has been a great asset to the dojo and will be sadly missed. We all wish him well and will see him when he returns or on visits to Japan. Taichi has left a letter to all his friends at PKC.

Translation: "Dear Clive, Thanks very much for the time I spent here for four years. I am really happy about the fact that I could practice kendo in Portsmouth. I am looking forward to coming back to Portsmouth as many times as possible and practicing kendo with everyone in our kendo club. Please take care of yourselves. I will live the rest of my life with the great memories that I made here. Thank you very much. Taichi"

We all wish him well.

2014 Army Invitational Taikai


Portsmouth Kendo Club were well represented by 2 teams at this year's Army Invitational Taikai in Aldershot on Sunday 16th March. Well done to all those who took part, with a special memtion to Eric who won one shiai in his first competition. A massive congratulation to the 'A-team' (Mark, Taichi, Tommy) who won the silver medal as runners up after very narrowly losing to Tetsu Ryu in a very spirited final after beating the Army A team & Reading B in th equarter & semi finals respectively. More pictures

Star Performers

Congratulations to Kenny & Harry for representing Portsmouth in the Kodokan Junior Kendo day.
Kenny won his class in the Shiai competition scoring a total of 8 ippon in 4 shiai.

Club Grading

Congratulations to all who took part in the club grading on Saturday 3rd August the awards were as follows:
Monty Bush, Lisa Pimlott 10th Kyu
Zoe Pimlott 9th Kyu
John Pimlott,Eric Girault 7th Kyu
Kevin Sumner 6th Kyu
Julie Levitt, David Bush 5th Kyu
Alex Thomas 4th Kyu
Martin Conde 3rd Kyu
Mark Lilley 2nd Kyu

Well done - the work for the next grade starts today!

National Grading Passes

Congratulations to Gary Curtis & Geoff Gibb for passing their gradings at Stoke on Sunday 14th July.
Gary passed Shodan & Geoff Ikkyu.
Well done guys - that hard work paid off.

Inoue Sensei visits Portsmouth

On wednesday 19th we were lucky enough to have a visit from Inoue sensei (Hachidan, Hanshi). He was accompanied by Geoff Salmon Sensei (Nanadan Kyoshi), Terry Holt Sensei (Nanadan Renshi and John O'Sullivan sensei (Rokudan Renshi). It was a great night.

Top Showing

Well done to Jason, Kenny & Harry at the Macmillian Charity Taikai. Kenny took second place, Jason third and Harry won a well deserved Fighting Spirit. All three below with their awards and Terry Holt Sensei, Nanadan Renshi.